GRCSI is an international organisation of professionals whose goals are to promote best practices in governance, risk management, compliance and security though education, certification, and accreditation.

GRCSI was founded in early 2009 by professionals and practitioners across the globe that identified the need for an authoritative body in the realm of risk management. The GRCSI founders have an extensive background in one of the concentration areas (finance, information, and operations), and have pooled their cumulative century of knowledge to create the Certified Risk Management Professional program.

GRCSI has a board of directors and advisers comprised of industry professionals that are heavily immersed in risk management, a certification board that manages the certification program including testing and grandfathering provisions, an education board that manages courses and seminars, an advisory board that advises the organisation on its direction and posture, and a large pool of volunteers that have dedicated countless hours to the success of the organisation.