Organisations across the globe are becoming more aware of the risks associated with their activities. With the increased adoption of modern technologies and the associated threats against them, the need for skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable risk managers to assure the alignment of organisational objectives with the most appropriate activities and processes has been growing exponentially. Risk Management and Governance have become among the foremost concerns of organisations as a result of financial, technological, regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements.

Organizations have need of a reliable method to assure the knowledge and expertise of their personnel. The Certified Risk Management Professional (CRMP) certification is an indispensable and unmatched method for a risk management professional to demonstrate their qualifications. A professional who has attained the designation provides credibility and assurance to an organization that risk relevant decisions follow good industry process and practices to manage risks in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Organizations have also been increasingly recognizing the need for candidates to have relevant certifications. Certified professionals often have higher earning potential and greatly expanded career opportunities leading to greater success in their overall careers, and their value proposition to the organizations where they are employed increases significantly. Holding a risk management certification makes a statement about who you are, and you will be recognized as a knowledgeable, serious, dedicated professional part of a globally recognized association of professionals.

GRCSI offers an associate level designation, a base credential, three different areas of specialization, and an expert credential.

An Associate Risk Management Professional is a member of GRCSI who is actively enrolled in a relevant program from an educational institution, or a risk management professional who has not acquired the requisite experience to apply for the CRMP certification. All the resources of the GRCSI risk management community are available to guide and educate ARMPs so as to prepare them for their future careers in risk management.

A Certified Risk Management Professional has demonstrated knowledge and skill in the Risk Management Body of Knowledge (RMBoK), the ability to identify, assess, and prioritize risks, and coordinate the economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of events.

A Certified Risk Management Professional Finance specialization has demonstrated knowledge and skill in the RMBoK, and the ability to create economic value in a firm by using financial instruments to manage exposure to risk, particularly credit risk and market risk, with a focus on when and how to hedge using financial instruments to manage costly exposures to risk. Other knowledge and skill types include foreign exchange, shape, volatility, sector, liquidity, and inflation risks.

A Certified Risk Management Professional Information specialization has demonstrated knowledge and skill in the RMBoK, and the ability to systematically apply management policies, procedures and practices to the tasks of identifying, analyzing, evaluating, treating and monitoring information related risk. A CRMP-I will understand risk management processes, enabling the alignment of information technology goals and decisions with the organization’s objectives, while balancing risk versus return over IT and its processes.

A Certified Risk Management Professional Operations specialization has demonstrated knowledge and skill in the RMBoK, and the ability to assess and evaluate day-to-day operational activities within an organization. A CRMP-O will continually manage the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes and systems, human factors, outsourcing, or from external events.

The Certified Risk Management Professional Environment specialization is currently being developed by the certification board and working groups. We expect this concentration to be available in late 2012.

Once a Certified Risk Management Professional has achieved a minimum of two CRMP concentrations (Finance, Information, Operations, and Environment) the CRMP may apply for the Certified Risk Management Expert (CRME) designation.

To become a CRME, an applicant must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of all areas of the RMBoK from high-level governance to practical risk mitigation, and pass a series of interviews and peer reviews to assure that the applicant has the requisite skills, knowledge, technique, and expertise.