What is GRCSI?
GRCSI stands for Governance Risk Compliance Security International. GRCSI is an international organisation of professionals whose goal is to promote best practices in governance, risk management, compliance and security through education, certification, and accreditation.

What is GRCSI’s mission?
GRCSI is comprised of individuals and organizations related to one or more of the fields of governance, risk management, compliance, and security. GRCSI offers a series of professional certifications to accredit the knowledge and experience of its members, and will be offering training programs, conferences, and seminars in the future.

Are there any GRCSI events?
GRCSI organizes conferences and training events. Please see the calendar in your member centre for details.

What certifications can be obtained?
Please see the certification page for more information.

How are the certifications available?
The Certified Risk Management Professional (CRMP) certification and concentrations were available for grandfathering applications as of September 2, 2009. Grandfathering applications will be accepted until such time as the certification board decides that the electronic test is required for all candidates to achieve this certification.

What is grandfathering?
Grandfathering is the process via which a GRCSI member may apply for a certification without having to pass the certification examination. The application form will require that applicants provide details and references for their relevant experience that will demonstrate the appropriate levels of knowledge and ability for the certification board to approve an application.

What if someone doesn’t meet the requirements for grandfathering?
A GRCSI member who does not meet the requirements to become a Certified Risk Management Professional (CRMP) may be given the Associate Risk Management Professional (ARMP) designation until they meet all of the requirements. For more information about the certifications and designations available from GRCSI, please see the certification page.
Will grandfathering be available for the CRMP-F, CRMP-I, and CRMP-O certification concentration?
At present, the certification concentrations are only available by a certification board evaluation process. In order to achieve a concentration certification, a CRMP must complete an additional application form, pass a series of interviews with noted experts in the field, and demonstrate a true mastery of the respective concentration area in risk management.

Why isn’t the CRME certification being grandfathered?
To become a CRME, an applicant must have already achieved two of the three concentrations (Finance, Information, Operations), must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of all areas of the RMBoK from high-level governance to practical risk mitigation, and pass a series of interviews and peer reviews to assure that the applicant has the requisite skills, knowledge, technique, and expertise. This process is complex and requires pre-requisites that are not practically feasible as part of a grandfathering program.

How may I become involved with GRCSI?
GRCSI has a number of boards and committees that promote best practices in the industry, and further develop our certification and accreditation programs. Please join our discussion boards, mailing lists, or send an email to [email protected] for more information.