GRCSI is a leader for certification and accreditation in the risk management industry. For risk managers and those who are involved in the field, membership in GRCSI is a strategic component for the success of your career. As a GRCSI member, you will add value to your organisation from access to resources, information, contacts, and certification programs that GRCSI offers.

The network of GRCSI members contains professionals across the various fields of risk management. If you seek career guidance, thoughts on a project or process, or simply wish to participate in conversation with some of the most qualified risk managers available, GRCSI is the place for you.

Becoming a GRCSI member and seeking a CRMP certification is the logical next step for anyone in the field of risk management regardless career progression.

For students and practitioners who are new in the field, GRCSI can help to plan your career and put you in touch with a risk management mentor. A mentor is someone with extensive experience in your field or sub-field of risk management who can answer your questions and help guide you to prosperity.

For risk managers with experience in one of the concentration areas (finance, information, or operations), GRCSI can broaden your horizons by providing working groups, discussion boards, and forums for communications about the issues that matter to you.

For senior managers and those with extensive experience across the domains of risk management, GRCSI offers the Certified Risk Management Expert (CRME) certification program, provides a forum for discussions among your peers, options to participate in the mentoring program to guide members who are new to their careers in risk management, and the opportunity for publication in one of the risk management periodicals.

Membership fees are $135 per year for professionals, or $35 per year for students who are enrolled in an accredited institution in a risk management or related program. Group invoices for membership and certification fees are possible for organisations that are sponsoring their staff as members.